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Company / Personal Profile

Company History.

George Boudouris, has been been trading in the residential property space successfully since 2001 and successfully moved into the residential property development space. Initially he traded in distressed residential properties on a proprietary basis but then took on a number of investors. At the peak of this business it had a portfolio in excess of 90 properties at any given time, in which he was entrusted to stewarding the full transaction flow by his investor group and property funds over the years and George in his personal capacity was responsible for managing facilities in excess of R45 Million and to date boasts a successful and very generous return on all his property investments. His passion for the residential space and his experience has given him a competent and competitive edge in the market place and has seen him develop a keen eye for identifying great investment opportunities. He approaches each project with the attention and uniqueness it offers. All transactions are always structured in such a way that the investor always gets their return before he enjoys the benefits of his labour. This is equitable and makes sure that the investors interests are always taken care of.

What the Company Does.

A new SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle / Company) per opportunity is set up underneath the holding company to ensure transparency and mitigation of risk. The SPV is structured to suite the unique requirements and mandate of each juristic type engaged with. Investment Funds or Groups of Investors are all managed in a bespoke structure which best suits the needs of the project. Vacant land will be developed to offer high class homes of all sizes at a reasonable and market related pricing levels and offered to the general public for sale, or to let. Investors can opt for the keep option in which the company has a structure in place to assist the Investors or Property Funds to let their investments out to the general public and manage it on their behalf. The development team comprises of a tried and tested developer, full construction team, attorney firm, engineers and a professional quantity surveyor with a massive and successful track record. This team is pre-vetted and approved by all major banks. All members of the development team are registered with their respective governing and watchdog bodies. This provides quality guarantees to deliver a finished, desirable and salable end product, that will ensure revenues and deliverables are in place quickly.

Vision Statement

Creating Opportunities and Building Legacies.

Mission Statement

The legacy built thus far with the existing investor base and the reputation attained is beyond reproach. The goal is to maintain the high level of professionality and integrity to both internal and external clientele. The company is building a brand in the development market space. The BOUDOURIS brand of development properties delivers high quality, flawless finishes and longevity along with excellent yields for the parties that invest into these opportunities.


Performance is nothing without focus; focus on ensuring no short cuts are ever taken, through patience and determination driving all specific and crucial processes ensuring they are followed, thereby safeguarding a product that in turn speaks for itself.

Business Goals and Objectives

Through time, the goal is to build a brand that is easily identifiable, trusted and preferred. To become a trusted brand not only that the retail market aspires to, but to be a company that investors and property funds desire to partner with for their projects and future growth goals.

Business Strategy

The company will grow to dominate the South African property market and later on venture into the listed space and off-shore property market.

Economic Intent

The intent of the company is to make wise and profitable investment choices, to always involve investors and their funds and share in the upside, thereby growing others while growing itself and building strong relationships with all parties and creating a name in the market place that is referred to with pride and trust and associated with positive returns.

COMPANY Services


The business is more than just a development company, it offers investment solutions in the residential property development space. The pre-vetting of projects are scrutinized at the highest levels of diligence and presented to the investor/property fund and managed with complete transparency in the correct structures, ensuring the vested parties are satisfied with their decision to invest into a project. The investment mandate is matched to the project whether it may be seeking specific rental yields or growing investment capital, the team is geared to deliver.


The company is registered with the NHBRC (National Home Builders Registration Council) and along with the bespoke development team delivers a full turnkey of the project to the end user. The company sources the opportunities, develops them to the finished product carefully monitoring each step of the way with faultless and stringent control measures ensuring that the end product is delivered as per the project plan.


The company offers a post development service which includes letting services, managing agency, security services, garden services and maintenance of the development. Providing a continued accountability of the end product and going the extra mile ensuring the continued satisfaction of the investor / property fund. The relationship is vitally important and ongoing longevity is a key focus to maintain a winning solution for all parties vested.



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